KK Buteau Designs has always been guided by the Lord and fueled by the creativity of our founder, KK Ross Buteau. 

The origin of the brand begins in Northern California, as KK was spending the summer working at a camp called JH Ranch. She had just finished her junior year at Ole Miss and had been prayerful about wanting to one day make jewelry. The Lord provided an opportunity for her to lay the foundation of her dream business that summer, and she began selling her first bracelets. She intentionally named some of these first pieces names like “peace,” “new beginnings,” and “divine appointment” and enjoyed sharing the name with customers after the purchase was made. Customers began to tell KK how meaningful those words meant to them in their current season of life, giving her inspiration to continue making jewelry. 

KK Buteau Designs officially began in late 2017, with the first official launch on February 22, 2018. Six years later, our journey has been a testament to following the provision of the Lord in every aspect of the business and remaining committed to creating meaningful connections through our jewelry. From hearts to tulips to butterflies and more, each piece in our collections reflects the divine inspiration behind our brand. Today, KK Buteau Designs are available for purchase in this online retail space, our showroom in Madison, Mississippi, and through our partnerships with stockists across the Southeast.